About Us




“Skaters are always seeking out something new, but when nothing is being offered, it gets a little stagnant. But there have always been little pockets of cool, weird people doing weird things”. John Lucero.

Well, that just about sums up what SteezBomb is all about. Hunting down the finest super trick components to help you improve your flow and get that perfect ride.

Whilst we strive to be the first to market new and evolving technologies, top products and high-end brands, it's important that you, and your skate crew too, support your local skate shop. We are skater owned but before we got SteezBomb up and running, it took us a two hour round trip to get to our nearest skate shop. Don’t let this happen to you! If you cannot see our products in your local shop, ask them to get in touch with us so they can supply you.

New tech may well be pricier, but it’s well worth it. We want to help the raddest skaters in the UK take their skateboarding skills further to be the Bomb.

Right now, we got Shipyard Skates Decks, Powerflex Gumball Core wheels, Powerflex 5 wheels, Powerflex RockCandy Core Wheels, Destructo Trucks, Dabl Risers, RipTide bushings, Butcher Block Wheels and our own titanium skateboarding hardware and Full Ceramic Bearings, Check it out.







SteezBomb SkateBoarding, Bay View, Cwrt Gwyntog, Trelogan, Flintshire, CH8 9EA, United Kingdom